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East Valley Business Leads is a strong, effective referral group that has been active since 2017. Our goal? Helping our businesses grow through referrals – with trust, information and education.

Meet our members

Shauna Brown - Insurance Made Affordable / Medical Insurance Broker


Shauna Brown

Health & Life Insurance Agent

If you're self-employed or don't have access to a good group health plan, you already know that the plans offered by Obamacare or on the Federal Exchange are expensive - featuring high premiums with high deductibles. I offer all types of health & life insurance plans on the market so you can choose the coverage that meets your needs AND fits your budget. You get a lower monthly premium (a lot lower) and still have the coverage and security you want. Along with your low monthly premiums, your deductible will be as low as you want. 


Everything you want from Your Insurance:  

  • Top Rated Insurance Companies

  • Comprehensive Nationwide PPO Network

  • Choose Your Doctors & Hospitals

  • Flexible Deductibles to Fit Any Budget

  • Annual Wellness Visits

  • Options for Co-pays for Dr. Visits/Urgent Care/ER

  • Short Term - Dental - Vision - Accident - Life

  • Individual and Group Plans


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